Nike Pikachu

Friday, 11 May 2012

Nike Pikachu/Nike Dunk High Top Pikachu Pokemon Yellow

Pikachu is one of the species of pokemon creatures from the pokemon media franchise ,and as everyone knows,pikachu is so cute, it is always gives a pleasant feeling ,pikachu is my favourites,and That's the beginning of love, the love story begins with Nike Pikachu, Nike Pikachu lets two strangers become familiar with each other, And living together.

That day, Stroll in the streets whole day, I didn't buy anything but only Pikachu Doll.when I pick up my prize ,and Sitting position on the bus, suddenly ,I find a pair of
Nike Pikachu.that 's a big supervise for me,it is Navy Cream coloured,navy ,cream and  yellow from pikachu body , The three kinds of color is harmonious to put together, Let people feel calm, but full of vitality.

then looking at the Nike Pikachu owner , he looked at me and my Pikachu Doll in astonishment ,the man who is handsome, quiet, sunny,giving me a sense the same as Nike Pikachu, Make me feel very comfortable, I felt glad that We have some common interests,then a love story from here.

                               Nike Dunk High Top Pikachu Pokemon Yellow

Now, we are love each other,when we Recall the Nike Pikachu and pikachu loving story, Happy smile appeared on our face.thanks for Nike Pikachu and pikachu.and now ,we buy shose, Nike Pikachu is the first choice ,and we put the old pikachu nike dunks on the most important position, Nike Pikachu make our family is full of love for ever.